Great turnout at the networking workshop between Canada, France and Spain

Great turnout at the networking workshop between Canada, France and Spain

The electric grids associations and platforms of Canada, France and Spain, supported by the respective embassies and the CDTI, organized, on November 14th, a workshop within the framework of the Utility Week aiming at sharing the challenges and opportunities of different countries in the field of smart grids and energy storage, networking and promoting technological development and innovation projects.

The meeting, in which more than 100 people participated, was opened by the Consul of France and the Consul of Canada.

Several associations and platforms showed the trends and opportunities for Smart Grids, as well as the different tools for funding and supporting the implementation of projects.

To end the day, a discussion panel was organized in which several projects on smart grids and storage were explained by five different institutions.

At the same time, attendees were able to take part in B2B meetings with the objective to closer relationships and develop new forms of collaboration in future projects.

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  1. R&D trends and opportunities in Smart Grids – Think SmartGrids
  2. Opportunities for R&D funding – EUREKA and EUROSTARS
  3. R&D Project – INDRA
  4. Secure Gateway Exchange – MegaSys
  5. Smart Grids H2020 – Sophie Loquen
  6. Spanish Smart Grids Technology Platform – FutuRed
  7. STAR Project – ORMAZABAL
  8. Workshop on Smart Grids & Storage – Smart Grids Canada – Iuliana Calin
  9. The Smart Electric Lyon Demonstrator – Sylvie Perrin