In Spain, the Spanish Technological Platform of Electrical Grids FUTURED was created for the purpose of integrating all of the agents involved in the electricity sector to define and promote strategies at the national level to allow the consolidation of a much more advanced network capable of responding to the challenges of the future.

FUTURED was formed in October 2005 as a meeting point and a common forum for dialogue to allow greater mutual understanding among its member organizations and bodies, identify potential opportunities for collaboration, define a shared vision, and if necessary, defend a common position in relation with their target audiences (society, national and European administrations, etc.).


The Spanish Electrical Grid Platform was created to foster the technological evolution of Spanish electricity transmission and distribution systems in order to promote the technological leadership, the sustainable development and an increased competitiveness.

FUTURED tries to develop the main objectives of the Spanish energy policy, increasing the independence from foreign energy and consistently reducing the environmental impact caused by electrical system infrastructures. The primary strategies to achieve these objectives consist of saving and using energy rationally, via the most effective electrical systems, and taking greater advantage of domestic resources.

Vision and objectives

The FUTURED Platform is a tool to promote R&D in Spain applied to Spanish electricity transport and distribution grids.

This involves the definition of a series of specific strategic goals that can be objectively verified, with clearly defined operational calendar milestones that can be translated into concrete “deliverables” in terms of content and deadline.

The challenges to which FUTURED hopes to respond are being determined and respond directly to the interests of the Spanish electricity sector, and include achieving the following objectives:


Collaborate with companies in the Spanish electricity sector to develop new products and services based on technology and innovation for the new electrical supply scenario.


Cooperate with the pertinent organizations in the development of Spain’s electrical regulatory framework, which promotes and facilitates the harmonious development of the electrical system.


Strengthen cooperation in R&D among electric companies and their service and equipment suppliers, especially SMEs, Research centers, and universities.


Collaborate with social agents and institutions on training plans and the spreading of good practices for rational and sustainable use of electrical power.